Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What do you do with used cooking oil?

Recycle it. Well, that is if your city has facilities where you can take your used cooking oil. LA and SF do, unsurprisingly, but I cannot find anything similar for Chicago.

Its something we rarely talk about, but its puzzling: what should one do with a large amount of cooking oil (particularly after deep-frying) after cooking? Pouring it down the drain is about the worst thing you can do... but why send it to a dump when it is (literally) full of potential energy upon combustion?

This is worth taking a look at.

Given the potential energy locked up in the chemical bonds of used cooking oil... why are large municipalities letting it go to waste? Use it to power buses!

Apparently in London McDonald's is already doing something like this. Chicago is VERY far behind other cities of comparable size and stature when it comes to recycling.

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