Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama at the G20: The "human dimensions" of the crisis

Watch this starting at 1:28.

Speaking alongside British PM Gordon Brown, Obama spoke of the urgency of the global financial crisis and the urgency to act quickly, resolutely, and globally... so he gave examples about how the 'human cost' of the depression is taking tolls on people's jobs, their businesses, people are losing their homes, their... uh... health care... well, in "the United States people are losing their healthcare" says Obama in an awkward moment.

Shame. Speaking to Germans, French and British leaders... Obama stands up and talks about the "human cost" in those countries (as well as the US) and almost said their problems had to do with people losing their health care in a time of financial crisis, when in fact all of the citizens of those countries are unconditionally guaranteed public health insurance and access to care. Whoops.

The US marketized-system of health insurance is a laughing-stock (and one, we should add, that Obama and his cartel of economic advisers appear unwilling to let go of).

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