Friday, May 1, 2009

What the Democrats are really made of

Read about it here (via Huffington Post). I imagine that bankers are probably gorging themselves on caviar and champagne celebrating their victorious trouncing of a bill that would have helped people facing foreclosure. Its been a victorious last couple of months for them when dealing with the Federal Government. I expect they must be applauding themselves for having triumphed over all of those "losers", to use one financial analyst's take on people losing their homes. It's not like the banks are getting massive 'handouts', or anything. No sir, they believe in those good ol' merican values of "hard work", "honesty" and.... [substitute some other meaningless hackneyed cliche that has nothing to do with American capitalism].

PS: What the fuck is Jim Webb (D-VA) worried about? Not that it would be a justification anyway, but he isn't up for relection until 2012. When he ran in 2006 against racist bonehead George Allen, everything I heard from the 'liberal blogosphere' was about how populist and salt of the earth the guy was. What's his problem?

PPS: "Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) was wheeled into the chamber and pointed his finger in the air, signaling a yes vote, then dramatically swung it down, as if taunting the backers of the bill." Uh, when will this doddering old former-KKK finally do us all a favor and... retire?

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