Friday, August 7, 2009

GritTV: Rep. Weiner puts Single Payer on the Table

I'm not sure I understand the logic of getting a vote on Single-Payer. I think I'm sympathetic to the argument that Single-Payer should be part of the discussion to give the Left leverage over the conversation, in effect, pushing the entire debate to the Left. But what will an up or down vote do? I'm not sure I see the point. I suppose any publicity is better than none, and perhaps forcing a discussion by any means necessary is what's going here, but I'm not clear if this is the motivation or not.

I must say, as disgusted as I was with the modesty of Obama's plan and the way in which Single-Payer was locked out of forums purporting to 'put all options on the table', I am ready to start struggling just to get Obama's plan passed. Faced with the prospect of yet another right-wing foot-dragging assault on reform, I think I am ready to table medicare-for-all demands for the moment and start struggling against these kooks who watch Glen Beck or whatever. Perhaps the best way to participate is to air the medicare-for-all argument in order to balance out the complete morons who are whining about 'stalinism', etc.


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