Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks, NPR...

NPR, evidently, invited Right-Wing crank David Horowitz spit on Howard Zinn's grave on the air.

As the linked article above indicates, there was no comparable "critical" perspective on William F. Buckley when he died.

Now I'm aware that Republicans have tried to dismantle NPR on many different occasions. I can see why they might be cautious about pissing on, say, William F. Buckley or Jerry Falwell's graves. I get that they may need to cover their bases on those fronts in order to forestall crazed right-wing backlashes. Also, it's likely that most of NPR's listeners already know that Falwell and Buckley were charlatans. There's no pressing need to provoke right-wing opportunists into attacking NPR's right to exist.

But this doesn't justify inviting Horowitz on. Giving that self-agrandizing sleazebag a forum is not necessary. In fact, it's insulting.

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