Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama's New Adviser

This isn't, strictly speaking, new (I and many others noted the revelation that GE paid nothing in taxes last year). But it's still worth asking (if only rhetorically): Why has Barack Obama picked a tax-dodging, union-busting, job-killing CEO as one of his top economic advisers? Read about it here.

This, among myriad other facts about his tenure in the White House, should certainly give the "we must vote Obama in 2012" folks pause. As I say, if you're going in for the lesser evil, fine. Whatever. Just don't try to convince yourself or others that you're not still voting for an evil. Don't shower us with wishful thinking, projection, and other failures of rationality. And, most importantly, don't utter things like "social justice", "universal health care" and "equality" in the same breath as Democrat politicians. When they appoint people like Jeff Immelt to high posts of their own accord, they don't do so in the name of such causes. They do so because their basic goals radically diverge from the goals of ordinary people.

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