Friday, July 22, 2011


Read Richard Seymour's take here.


Komud said...

Nice info..

-sf said...

This incident (so far) reminds me of the "price tag" policy of radical Israeli settlers

Morally bankrupt right wingers see terrorism being an effective tool in the hands of Islamists (its hard to disagree with them in the context of I/P) and decide that the best way to push their own radical agenda is to use the same tactic. This is precisely why governments should not reward violence with "engagement."

Anonymous said...

First off, the far right has plenty of violent "examples" of their own, so they hardly have to look elsewhere for inspiration. Given the history of racism and fascism isn't it interesting that so many are surprised that some white guy on the far right would be moved to do this?

Second, you make it sound like the "Islamists" are indirectly responsible for having given this one "morally bankrupt" (aren't all far-right bigots morally bankrupt?) some bad ideas about violence. It's like the plan fell through to pin it on "Jihadis" so this is second best.

Third, governments commit terrorist acts as well. It's not just non-state actors. When a government commits mass murder to achieve political ends, that's terrorism. So, I agree with you: folks shouldn't reward violent governments like Israel with "engagement". They should boycott, divest and sanction.

-sf said...

What right wing terrorist group has had their violence rewarded by governments that could serve as an example for this joker?

Anonymous: "'Islamists' are indirectly responsible"

Your words not mine. I was just making an observation that a man who railed against Islamists made use of their exact tactics (Mumbai style). If you're looking for people who are trying to blame this on someone other than the suspect look no further than where they're blaming the Joooz (oh sorry I meant "Zionists") on this.

As far as BDS, its a total joke, for no reason other than the fact that Omar Barghouti, arguably the face of BDS in leftist circles/Democracy Now!, is getting his PhD from Tel Aviv U! LOL. I mean I understand American idealists finding it easy to give up Nestle but unwilling to give up their Macbooks with Israeli made Intel Core Duo processors inside, but the spokesperson for BDS being unwilling to boycott Israeli academic institutions when it conflicts with his personal advancement is just plain silly.