Saturday, September 24, 2011

Compare and Contrast

This psychopath commits horrifying acts of murder and may even get out of prison at some point if he shows "good behavior". But for a black man in Georgia, who was sentenced to death on what was quite obviously faulty evidence, we were told by the powers that be that execution was absolutely necessary. The message from above is clear: the lives of white cops and soldiers matter more than the lives of black men and Afghani children.


-sf said...

Lets flush the comparison a bit more: Before well-meaning liberals complain about what the IDF does $3 billion annual aid (not murdering children and collecting their bones as souvenirs, seriously I challenge anyone to find any comparable act by the IDF) perhaps we should focus on what OUR soldiers do in OUR name with hundreds of billions of dollars annually?

Anonymous said...

I would have thought we should condemn both of them. The IDF killed plenty of children in the 2009 bombing on Gaza.

-sf said...

Bombs dropped on Hamas rocket launchers that end up killing children used as human shields is nowhere close to the same as shooting a 15 year old in cold blood with a machine gun for "fun", posing next to his dead body, cutting off a finger, carving off the flesh (or letting dry, I don't know how he got it down to just the bone, but its pretty damn gruesome nonetheless) and saving the bone as a souvenir. Next?

The point I'm trying to make is that we as Americans have much more influence over our own government's actions than that of a foreign one, and instead of focusing our energies on what our allies are doing, it makes more sense to lead by example and change our own actions. After all, Israel is the little Satan, we're the Great Satan. Israel sees us get away with this shit so they do it too (or so the argument goes). For instance, why wouldn't IDF soldiers be careless about hitting an UNWRA school (from whose vicinity they drew mortar fire), if the US hit a civilian hotel that they knew housed Al Jazeera journalists in Baghdad (while there was no fire directed at US troops from that area). Shit the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the late 90s NATO air campaign.