Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eliminate private-insurance profits

From a letter to the Editor in the NYTimes today:

"To the Editor:

Re: .Democrats Study New Ideas to Cut Health Plan Cost. (front page, June 19): Congress appears poised to adopt a health care compromise that leaves most Americans worse off than they are. Both parties have apparently bought the convenient new mantra that everyone is .overtreated. and that the way to reduce medical costs is to make everyone buy .coverage,. pay doctors less and give everyone less actual care.

The real way to save money . eliminating or at least restricting the profits of the insurance companies . is never seriously considered.

The original objective of assuring universal access to affordable comprehensive health care seems dead on arrival. The question is reduced to how the private insurance companies will be paid for policies employers or individuals will have to buy . coverage that will look good on paper but cost too much in deductibles and co-payments for many people to use. Is this the .reform. we were promised in return for electing President Obama and a Democratic Congress?

Judy Olinick
Middlebury, Vt., June 19, 2009"

That seems to sum it up rather well.

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