Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drill, baby, drill!

Read about it here. Maybe Obama's "green jobs czar" can give the new oil rigs some tax breaks in order to stimulate the creation of more "green jobs" extracting petroleum.

Meanwhile... all of the public transit systems in the US are in disrepair, imposing service cuts, and hiking fares. And all of this is allowed to come to pass at the same time that Obama escalates foreign wars and proposes spending freezes on everything except the Pentagon budget.

It's not the Republicans who have forced Obama down this road. This is the road that he and the Democrats in Congress have pursued all on their own. To be sure, the Republicans would have been glad to go this route (cutting social spending, eviscerating public transit, escalating wars abroad, tipping their hat to off-shore drilling, etc.) if they were in power.

But wasn't the point of voting Democrat supposed to have been that they wouldn't simply pursue the same course as the Republicans?

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fwoan said...

This made me SO furious. It was an issue that Obama campaigned against with such an easy-to-understand, logically sound manner. It's like he's doing it on purpose now.