Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Must-See: What has Obama done so far?



fwoan said...

Holy shit. That is a great reversal of the other one. Love it.

-sf said...

I can't even find the words to express my gratitude for posting this. I was so pissed at the first website because half of their "sources" were pages, and they posted blatant lies like "voluntarily allowed access to visitor logs" (the White House was actually complying with a lawsuit, hardly "voluntary"). The fact that so many of my friends were able to uncritically repost that shit without even commenting on the propagandist nature of that website was appalling. So thanks for your thoughtful critical engagement here and elsewhere on your blog. I only wish that the website creators had named this response website ""

t said...

Haha! I hear you about uncritical acceptance of the other website. The worst of it, for me, is that the people I know who reposted it generally care about the right things, so they have no real reason to toe the White House's line. But they think that the best we can do is apologize for the White House and the Democrats, no matter how bad they are. And that's where I think some critical reflection is needed- we can do much better than the Democrats, even if it's hard to see exactly how.