Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cornel West on Obama

(via Al Jazeera) See here. What he has to say about Libya in particular is quite good.


JM said...

There's been recent issue around how Jazeera's been scaling back their coverage of Palestine:

davidly said...

Good segment. My point of departure would be his assessment of Bo Rama as weak or spineless. And when you combine that with his calling him a Clintonite, it's hard to believe that he is actually giving him the benefit of the doubt, as far as the "why is he this way" is concerned.

I guess I'll pull a West myself and give Cornell West the benefit of the doubt - that he doesn't really believe that the president gives a crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree about the spineless comment. Obama has shown quite a bit of spine escalating the war in Afghanistan (and starting new ones elsewhere), handing big tax breaks to the rich, freezing federal workers wages, etc. etc.

Let's be clear: he's doing a reasonably good job from a ruling class perspective. If I were them, I wouldn't be so quick to conclude that he doesn't have a backbone.

It's not a question of backbone tout court- it's a question of WHO Obama represents, and WHO he is willing to fight for. It's clear, as West argues in the video, that he doesn't represent poor and working-class people whatsoever. This isn't a matter of lacking backbone, but of simply being on the wrong side of the class war.