Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ridiculous Stuff Men Say On The Street: 'Natural' Edition

As a young, unaccompanied woman walking and taking public transit in an urban setting, I am vulnerable to men who think they can say and do shit. (For an awesome clearinghouse of such tales, check out Holla Back.) Thus begins a new feature on Pink Scare, in which I document ridiculous stuff men say on the street and then say the scathing things I would've said if I wasn't so steamed.

SCENE: Downtown Chicago, State and Jackson, awaiting the #6 bus.

RM: Are you waiting for the 6 bus?
Me: Mm-hmm.
RM: (surveying me during a long pause) ... You know, I like the Plain Jane look!
Me: What?
RM: I like the Plain Jane look! Y'know, you don't got your toenails done up, or your fingernails done up.
Me: Uh ...
RM: Painting your nails must be a pain in the ass ... but that's gotta be nothing compared to waxing.
Me: Uh, yeah. For sure.
RM: Oh, come on! You're not supposed to say 'for sure'! You're all natural!

Obviously, Mr. Smooth noticed my unshaved legs and couldn't stop himself from asking me inappropriate, awkward questions about female beauty regimens and my "natural" state. It's amazing how some men think that nonconforming aspects of our bodies are rightfully theirs to evaluate. I didn't ask for his opinion of my 'look,' yet his tone suggested that I should welcome and expect his evaluation.

Dude, are we seriously talking about waxing right now? My body is not on display, nor is it up for discussion. Get out of my face.

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