Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some non-electoral nonsense

With all the bullshit about pigs and lipstick and blackberries and everything else you never imagined you'd need to complain about hearing discussed during an important election cycle, other non-campaign related bits of bullshit go unnoticed. I thought I'd draw your attention to my favorites (by which I mean least favorites):

  • Reminding us that there are in fact a few things the Bush administration hates more than sexual health, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has added an incredibly expensive and (this coming from a person who spent a year in college researching the logic behind why an educated woman might decline Gardasil vaccination) relatively insignificant vaccine to its list of mandated vaccines for legal immigrants. One more barrier that allows them to funnel legal immigrant status to wealthy people from wealthy nations without actually saying that's what they're doing.
  • Despite all facts suggesting off-shore drilling (even if it were viable) will do little to gas prices, lots to the profits of the oil men, and only potential bad to the environment, our DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY Congress has just removed barriers to off-shore drilling. Drill, baby, drill, indeed...

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