Friday, January 23, 2009

The $3.8 Million Prank

Have you heard about the girl who is selling her virginity?! (that was feigned shock and interest)

Amanda Marcotte's post on it is pretty good, because she gets at all the nonsense involved in making this not only a news story, but possible at all. Virginity, of course, is not even a real definable thing, let alone something one could prove or sell. She seems to decide this is little more than a $3.8 million prank the woman in question is playing on a guy who has more money than he should.

The money will apparently go toward paying for this woman's college education. Who can't respect that? And yet, more than anything else, this whole scenario leaves me screaming, "HOW ABOUT DECENT FEDERAL FUNDING FOR HIGHER EDUCATION?!" But of course, nobody in the media seems interested in talking about that detail...

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