Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh yeah, we have a new president

We may be the only blog in the blogosphere that did not have an inauguration post on Tuesday. While I can only speak for myself, and not my co-bloggers, it wasn't because I had an excuse like I was too busy or something, it was more a matter of having little to say.

It is a relief to have Obama in the White House and to have Bush out, but just how much of a relief will be determined in the next few months. Other than that, what can I say?

I'll quote Courtney Martin (who we tend to give a lot of shit over here) who I think had one of the most realistic, but still optimistic sentiments of the day:
It is the beginning of a more engaged, more hopeful citizenry. With leaders that treat us as more than a 300-million-person focus group, we can effectively hold those leaders accountable. We are no longer a manipulated mass, a nation of children embarrassed by our father's simple-mindedness and impulsive rage. We have stepped into our own power through this election process, grown wiser and more informed than any electorate in decades. Like the wide-eyed children who have found a new hero, we will inevitably be disillusioned, but at least we will be passionate. Indifference and apathy have been replaced with investment and the related risks. I'd much rather live in a country in danger of disappointment than in a nation of indifference.
Also great is Phil BC's at take on the day and what it means for socialists at A Very Public Sociologist.

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