Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's becoming a trend

Here's the newest addition to the heap.

And don't forget the former Majority Leader from Dakota.

Or the Treasury Secretary who's so keen on keeping the 'private sector private'.

Who's next? Its no problem, really. Its only that these people are supposed to be part of the new wave of 'progressive change' sweeping in to make tax policy more fair and egalitarian...

To be clear: none of this, of course, licenses the moronic 'hypocrite' arguments soon to be launched by Rush Limbaugh, et. al as 'evidence' that progressive tax policies, national health insurance, etc. are evil policies (as though the policy proposals themselves were the ones evading taxes). But this is a serious blow to the credibility of supposed reformers, its manifestly unjust and it speaks to the class-character of the Obama cabinet.

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