Monday, February 16, 2009

Katy Perry Syndrome?

For a fascinating read on sexual orientation, bisexual politics, and the media, check this out. Editor-in-Chief of, Sarah Warn, details a recent dispute with former L.A. Times journalist, turned novelist Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez.

It appears Valdes-Rodriguez tried to pull a fast one and "play gay" to please Warn's largely queer audience in an interview last year, and has since accused the publication of lying, as her coming out as bisexual has begun to receive mainstream attention. You can read all the exchanges between's a real display of heterosexual privilege and ignorance, on the one hand, and a seriously smart, passionate editor on the other.

Update: Valdes-Rodriguez has written (and personally directed us to) a clarification/apology of sorts at her blog. Check it out to hear both sides of a story that should never have been played out in the public of the internets like this...


Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, right.

AVR has now removed her blog "apology." Does this mean she's straight again?