Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On the Street: Brosif cat-caller gets owned

So I saw something awesome the other day on the street.

I was walking to the Redline in River North in Chicago (an area with a lot of shopping and touristy stuff, e.g. the "Miracle Mile", etc.) and I came across a (from the looks of it) drunk, slightly overweight frat-boy fellow with a teal-blue polo shirt, crokies, and a camoflauge baseball cap. I'd wager he was a tourist, but there's no way to know. He was standing against a building not too far from the subway station smoking a cigarette when I walked by him.

Traveling the opposite way on the sidewalk was a young woman, wearing skinny jeans and a tight-fitting tank top walking alone. She was drinking a McDonalds shake of some sort.

After I pass the frat-boy I pass her. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Next I hear a loud shout: "BIG TITS!!"

I turn around and see that the frat boy was yelling at the young woman whom I'd just passed by. At this point I'm only, maybe, 10 paces past the frat boy. She turns around and approaches him.

She walks up to him and asks "what did you just say to me?"

He yells again at the same volume in an identical cadence: "BIG TITS!!"

Without hesitation the woman, who was a good 1-2 feet shorter than this asshole, unloads her (chocolate, evidently) McDonalds shake onto the fratboy and non-chalantly walks away.

Fucking awesome.

Totally stunned, the frat-boy stands silently in shock as she walks off. Part of his face and the chest of his teal polo shirt are covered in chocolate something (who knows what McDonalds makes the stuff out of). Passers by start to chuckle. I, for entirely different reasons, am also too shocked to know what to do. If only this could have been caught on video somehow. For fear of fratboy retaliation I declined to snap a camera photo, but I've decided that was a mistake.


NiceFeminist said...

OMG. I cannot believe it, that's so fucking awesome.

What were your "entirely different reasons" that you mention for being speechless or shocked?

T said...

I just couldn't believe what I saw. I mean, this asshole just got owned. I was half expecting him to react violently. I just had no frame of reference. He was stunned because he had a sloppy McDonalds shake all over his face. I was stunned, because most people don't fight back against that kind of shit.

You come to expect that most people will just ignore that kind of harassment.