Friday, July 3, 2009

U.S. "Pauses" Aid to Honduras

In a step toward legally halting aid to the nation, the U.S. State Department has paused aid to Honduras while it consults its lawyers about the legality of halting aid entirely until the OAS and Zelaya can negotiate his return to office.

Better late than never?

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T said...

There is little evidence that the US spearheaded this coup, nor that it is particularly enthusiastic about it. But not being 'particularly enthusiastic' is a reactionary position when a democratically-elected government is overthrown by the military. Latin America, which experienced so much turmoil and oppression in the 20th century, has absolutely no tolerance for this kind of military-seziure of power (excepting Colombia and Mexico, who, despite their right-wing commitments nonetheless condemned the coup in no uncertain terms).

There is virtually nothing to gain from supporting the coup regime, given that the world community and the OAS are strongly against it. Moreover, Honduras has little of interest to the US in terms of regional influence, resources, or connections. For this reason alone, we can see why the US hasn't been overly ambitious in condemning the coup. Of course, given the interventionist past of the US in the region, this is probably the best strategy, irrespective of aims.

Nonetheless, I am still convinced that, other things being equal, Washington would prefer that Zelaya simply went away and was replaced by someone who was a stalwart conservative willing to pull Honduras out of ALBA.