Monday, November 8, 2010

"Fiery Leftist Opinion"

Bad News for Liberals May Be Good News for a Liberal Magazine

"Other than perhaps the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, there were few places as despondent on election night as the Manhattan offices of The Nation, the 146-year-old journal of fiery leftist opinion."

See the NYTimes article here.

Yes, "fiery leftist opinion". They said it. I bet Louis Proyect fell out of his seat when he read that. I nearly did.


Anonymous said...

I guess compared to the wretched NY Times, it is fiery.

Richard said...

Beyond the embarassing description of people at The Nation on election night as little more than a group of geeky liberal Democrats watching cable news election coverage, there is the more subtle problem that the people associated with magazine that has pretensions towards transforming US society should aspire to more than just residing within the comfortable confines of Manhattan, and appearing on Sunday political talk shows.

But, Louis is, of course, correct.