Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you ever get so angry?

So this afternoon, this guy I'm dating and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Guy: Can you imagine a worse person to quote on a veteran's day memorial than dick cheney?

Me: Uh, no. Where did that happen?

Guy: I saw the program from the memorial my mom and dad went to last night. It pissed me off.

Me: Yeah, hearing thanks from a guy who knowingly sent troops into harm's way for no fucking reason after admitting a decade earlier that it would almost certainly lead to a quagmire is not very comforting. I just read an article on CNN about a kid who jumped off a bridge yesterday, because he was suffering so bad from ptsd and depression after a couple tours in Iraq.

Guy: It makes me sick. Of course, the proud veterans I go to school with will just tell me it's the liberal media blowing it out of proportion. Like as long as more veterans are not committing suicide than are, there shouldn't be a problem.

Then this very evening, my roommate came home from work and told me a kid we grew up with, went to elementary school with, a kid who always had the cutest mullet and most adorable smile and giggle growing up, killed himself yesterday on Veteran's Day. 23 years old. He served two tours in Iraq with the United States Army.

I hope Dick Cheney appreciates his fucking sacrifice.

...It is a very dark day...

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ln said...

That's horrible. I'm so sorry, Arvilla.

Um, pardon the shift in tone, but whoooooooo exactly is this "guy" in question? la dee da ......