Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Terrible amateur photgraphs from downtown Chicago last night.

So, I got lucky and scored a ticket to Obama's election night event in Grant Park last night. This enabled T and I to get some slightly-better views of the crowd, the jumbotron .... and not really Obama. He was tiny. If I leaped in the air, I could glimpse him. Maybe. But the beautiful energy in the crowds -- which stood, walked, cheered, and booed on their best behavior -- was certainly worth witnessing. My photos are terrible. I kept thinking, "Do it for the blog!" but my camera wasn't super cooperative. Still, here are the highlights:

Crowds walk along Michigan Avenue, heading towards the entrance at Congress Parkway.

Bike was TOTALLY the way to get to this event. Crammed trains, no cars allowed!

Congress & Michigan was a popular place to meet your friend and get in line together. The Obama campaign had issued "plus one" tickets, where one ticket admitted two people.

After the second ticket checkpoint, the crowd came to a complete standstill and it took at least thirty minutes to reach the metal detectors and security check. During this time, the crowd strained to hear the CNN announcements about Pennsylvania. The security people were EXTREMELY thorough. I'll happily let you search my purse if it means our President-elect is safer.

When we arrived, there was still space to breathe in the park. Chicago skyline in the background.

When Obama came onstage to speak, the cameras were out in full force .... that's him on the jumbotron.

Joe Biden has secretly become my favorite candidate. I sort of squealed when he came onstage. I like his snarky delivery and Cheshire-cat smile.

T lifted me up so that I could see the crowd behind us. No breathing room now!

As we exited the park, throngs were still lined up, listening to the dramatic Hollywood music that they were playing as the Obama and Biden families did a meet & greet onstage.

Unbelievable masses of people, moving down Michigan Avenue (closed to cars!). Taken from the steps of the Art Institute.

Another one from the steps of the Art Institute.

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