Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ridiculous Stuff Men Say in the Office: Clueless boss

Inspired by ln's post, I'll share the most obnoxious things said to me at the office:

My clueless boss while standing by my cubicle making small talk about our families:
Clueless Boss: You should have a talk with my daughter and tell her to study something like English in college.
Me: Oh really? What does she want to study?
CB: She's always wanted be a dancer. But I do NOT want her studying dance at a college level. It's bad enough in high school.
Me: (laughing nervously) Why do you say that?
CB: It has turned her into such a liberal thinker because there are so many gays in dance.
Me: Oh, yeah?
CB: Yeah, she brings these gay friends of hers into my house and they touch my things and stuff. It makes me sick to be quite honest with you.
Me: (not wanting to agree but not wanting to step on any toes) Oh, geez, I doubt they're contagious or which schools is she looking at right now?

Ughhh. I hate that. He can say whatever dumb homophobic thing he wants to me, and I can't do anything because he's the boss and my livelihood depends on being on his good side. So awkward I just had to change the subject.

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