Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things that aren't cheap:

- Popping out babies
- Avoiding popping out babies
- Maintaining the girlie parts, so you can pop out babies later

In other words, women's health insurance isn't cheap. The New York times has a maddening and informative article revealing that women pay more for health insurance than men do. But with good reason! We babymakers are so expensive:
Insurers say they have a sound reason for charging different premiums: Women ages 19 to 55 tend to cost more than men because they typically use more health care, especially in the childbearing years.

Which is mostly bullshit, since:

Crystal D. Kilpatrick, a healthy 33-year-old real estate agent in Austin, Tex., said: “I’ve delayed having a baby because my insurance policy does not cover maternity care. If I have a baby, I’ll have to pay at least $8,000 out of pocket.”

And the quote below mostly just makes me feel like a baby machine, but at least one that shouldn't be economically disadvantaged:

Mila Kofman, the insurance superintendent in Maine, said: “There’s a strong public policy reason to prohibit gender-based rates. Only women can bear children. There’s an expense to that. But having babies benefits communities and society as a whole. Women should not have to bear the entire expense."

I'd just like to summarize The Man's apparent position on babies:

1. Comprehensive sex education is bad because it encourages young people to have sex.
2. If you get pregnant, you better have the baby, because abortions are evil and all life is precious.
3. Once you are pregnant, The Market is under no obligation to offer you affordable health insurance, since as a babymaker you are a burden on the health care system.
4. Should your pregnancy go wrong, or become life-threatening, you aren't permitted to abort, since all life is precious.
5. Good luck with child care, maternity leave, breast-feeding access, and afforable health care for your newborn.
6. Welfare mothers are a drain on society. Entitlement programs breed dependence.
7. Bye

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shecky12 said...

right on, well written, and , in a way, a bit funny