Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yeah, NOW you notice.

I personally didn't need a roundtable discussion to tell me that the NYTimes (and all other mainstream news sources) have failed to fulfill their obligations to the public in this election.

But apparently, the Times did hold a roundtable, and that's exactly what they found out. Since the national tickets were formed, only around 10% of their election articles have focused on policy substance. You know perfectly well what the rest of the articles are about: strategy, polls, spouses, "messaging," mudslinging, Wasilla, and electoral "offense and defense."

It's not too late, media friends! You could actually give front-page coverage to a comparative study of the candidates' health care plans, or talk to experts about how each candidate might change the future of reproductive health in our nation. Hell, it needn't be fair and balanced! This article about economically struggling voters in Indiana is sort of a decent start.

In the meantime, Pink Scare -- with a readership just slightly smaller than that of Times -- will continue to (try to) bring the goods, both electoral and not.

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