Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worst Debate Ever: Lowlights

1. Arvilla beat me to it. McCain's wrinkled old-man fingers making scare quotes around the idea of a mother's "health" was the rock-bottom moment of the debate for me, too. He shows a complete disdain for the very idea of an expectant mother's health and physical autonomy. McCain thinks this idea is ridiculous enough to mock in front of millions of Americans. Apparently McCain is unaware that there are pregnancies which, in the third trimester, unexpectedly threaten the life of the woman. McCain makes no concession for such cases, but instead mocks us all as stupid pansies, whining about health. I am serious when I say he might as well tell us all to go bleed to death. (But make sure you send doctors to save the fetus afterwards.) Video here.

2. Speaking of scare quotes, I'd put some fucking scare quotes around his concept of what "health care" is. When asked to lay out his health care plan, this is what McCain offered us:

... I am convinced we need to do a lot of things. We need to put health care records online. The VA does that. That will -- that will reduce costs. We need more community health centers. We need walk-in clinics. The rise of obesity among young Americans is one of the most alarming statistics that there is. We should have physical fitness programs and nutrition programs in schools. ... We need -- we need to have -- we need to have employers reward employees who join health clubs and practice wellness and fitness. But I want to give every American a $5,000 refundable tax credit. Take it and get anywhere in America the health care that you wish.

I can have any healthcare that I wish? Oh, thank you, Mr. McCain! Thank you! I'll have BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. Do you have a $200 premium with a low copays and a low deductible?

No? Well, that's not what I wished for.

Unfortunately, John, health insurance isn't a matter of wishing. I really wish the annual premiums for one family weren't $12k. If really wish my friend hadn't been denied three times by private insurers because of her weight and her acid reflux. I really wish I wasn't worried that I myself will be denied because of an abnormal test result two years ago. I really wish women didn't have to secure massively more expensive insurance just to pop out those babies you love so much. I wish you weren't making that face. But alas, all my wishing is in vain. Thanks for the walk-in clinic, though.

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